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2013 World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders

Celebrating 100 years of the international municipal movement



United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) is pleased to announce the 2013 World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders 4th UCLG World Congress.

Delegations from over 100 countries around the world are expected at the Summit, which   will bring together leaders of local and regional governments, international organizations, public and private sectors, financial institutions and civil society.

The Summit is envisaged to be a unique opportunity to present and discuss concrete local solutions to world challenges. It will also be the occasion to define policy, shape action and set future strategic goals for the new international development agenda.

The specific perspective of local and regional governments deriving from their proximity to citizens is crucial to the sustainability and implementation of good governance mechanisms. These mechanisms should lead to both more equal societies and transparent and participative governments.



Date: 1-4 October 2013

Venue: Rabat, Morocco

Theme: “Imagine Society, Build Democracy

Organized by UCLG and Hosted by the City of Rabat, the Moroccan Government