5th World Forum of Human Rights

22 - 25 may 2013, La Cité, Nantes Congress Center. Nantes, France

+INFO:   www.spidh.org


5th World Forum of Human Rights

Sustainable Development - Human Rights: a common struggle ?


Under the heading « Sustainable development – Human Rights: a common struggle? », the Forum 2013 will address the issue of sustainable development in relation to the human rights international law nearly a year after the Rio+20 international conference. The Forum should confirm and reaffirm, if possible, the need for a sustainable development respectful of human rights to ensure a real social progress and a fair development in a strenghtened democratic frame and a reinforced protected environment.

  • What development and what economic model(s) for a more human and fairer world?
  • What equality between human beings in time of crisis?
  • What territories for tomorrow? Towards public policies based on human rights, full citizenship for all and reinforced democracy.

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