Citiscope to report innovations, critical trends from cities around the globe

In this fast urbanizing world, the recently launched Citiscope Global News spurs innovations to help cities work better for all of their people through the power of independent journalism.
In a first Citiscope feature – CitiSignals – Citiscope editors select timely updates on the most important breaking news and key developments worldwide as cities across all continents cope with challenges ranging from economic development, poverty and congestion to economic development and climate change.
And why?  As cities rise in import across the globe, more and more people need to be “in the know” — mayors, councils and other city officials, business and civic groups, NGOs and businesses, academics and ordinary folk with a global focus.  Citiscope sifts through hundreds of leads worldwide for the most important news developments, reports, alerts.  It also invites readers to submit their CitiSignal story selections to [email protected].
UCLG, in cooperation with Citiscope Globale News, is pleased to share some of the CitiSignals from around the globe, starting this month.
Please click on the following items to read sample Citisignals: 


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Source: Citiscope