Agora of Cities 2015

10 March 2015. Barcelona

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Under the title “The XXI Century, the century of cities" Agora of Cities will be held on March 10 in Barcelona, an event jointly organized by the Barcelona Provincial Council in collaboration with GOBERNA-Latin America. In this third edition the debate will go over the role played by the cities in the XXI century, in order to demonstrate how cities act as major players in global governance, within a changing environment at a time when the Global Agenda is being defined.

The Agora of Cities, is conceived as a meeting platform exchange for local governments, civil society and the private sector that are directly involved in the management of cities so as to foster a debate on local governance and how to face the new global challenges.

The conference is aimed to address elected representatives and high level officials coming from local governments in Latin America, Europe and the Mediterranean region. In addition the Agora of the Cities will be opened to academics, experts, civil society associations and representatives linked to city management.