UCLG-MEWA Executive Bureau and Council Meeting

UCLG-MEWA Executive Bureau and Council Meeting
20-22 November 2018. Şanlıurfa (Turkey)

United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Section (UCLG-MEWA) Executive Bureau and Council Joint Meeting and UCLG-MEWA Urban Mobility Şanlıurfa Summit will be held on 20-22 November 2018, under the auspices of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality.

Within the framework of the draft agenda to be discussed during the UCLG-MEWA Executive Bureau and Council Joint Meeting; the UCLG-MEWA 2018 working period will be reviewed and the activities for 2019 will be defined with the contributions of our distinguished members.

During the Şanlıurfa Summit, we will be covering various topics such as Smart Transportation, Transportation Financing, Governance and Operating, and Eco-Friendly Transport and the program will include a special session for Mayors of Metropolises.

IETT, the President of the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Urban Mobility, will also present the results of the implementation of the “Public Transportation Excellence Index” (PTE-Index) at MEWA level, at the end of the Summit.