Workshop on Enhancing the Capacity of Local Governments in Localising the Sustainable Development Goals

08-09 April 2019. Siem Reap (Cambodia)

The Workshop on “Enhancing the Capacity of Local Governments in Localising the SDGs” will be held in Siem Riep, Cambodia, on 8th and 9th April 2019.

The Workshop will target  local government representatives and local government associations from Cambodia, , Mongolia, Pakistan, the Philippines,  and Sri Lanka. All countries, except
Sri Lanka are are preparing a Voluntary Natonal Review (VNR) in 2019. A consultation session between Central and Local Governments of Cambodia will also be held as part of the Workshop. Experiences in localising the SDGs in other countries, such as Indonesia, will also be shared.

The objectives of the Workshop are (i) to enhance the capacity of local governments and their associations in contributing to the achievement of the SDGs in their respective countries; and (ii) to enable  local government representatives to contribute to  the preparation of  VNRs. The Workshop will provide a platform for dialogue and consultation between national  and subnational  governments for SDG processes. Overall, the Workshop will enable:
• elaborating/unpacking the concept of  localising  SDGs,
• assessing the actions taken so far,
• sharing good practices for SDG localisation,
• devising country-specific plans/strategies for local and regional governments to have a more significant role in SDG localisation,
• supporting subnational  in their role of contributing to/preparing VNRs for the HLPF