Bordeaux meetings on digital knowledge


29 march 2013. Bordeaux, France


+INFO:  Committee of digital and knowledge-based cities


March 29th morning : a meeting of local powers. "How to really foster and improve digital growth in our digital clusters ?"

This conference wants to open some perspectives, and deliver real examples and facts about good (and less good) practices, bring some key elements about digital economic grow of our territories.

An afternoon of meetings : the "great junction" between "classic" and "digital Economy", a dialogue between various local IT company and their shared vision of the road ahead.

The purpose of this event is to create a direct relation, a "great junction" at local level between the companies, based on real-world best practices. A "pitching session" will invite 10 companies, each one with one client, to show to the managers, chairmen and sale forces in the audience what can truly be reached today with IT, not has a purpose by itself, but as a short-term source of growth and business. Workshops will then be set up to allow deeper exchanges, Q&A and direct contact.

A different event : an evening of funding and start ups contest, of a boat : "Bordeaux, quai des entrepreneurs"

Entrepreneurs from Bordeaux and its region have joined forces to create a new event, seeking to attract new funds for a meeting with young companies in need for oxygen and quick growth.

On a boat on the Garonne river, in a relaxed but concentrated atmosphere, the "entrepreneurs´ bankside" is an experiment, to be itnessed by delegates and representatives from other local powers, warmly invited to join us on March 29th, in Bordeaux.