Committee of Digital and Knowledge-based Cities meeting

31th May 2013. Bordeaux, France.

+INFO: CDC Committee


During the last Committee of Digital and Knowledge-based Cities meeting held on December the 5th in Dakar (Senegal) in which more that 30 committee members took part, it was officially presented the “Smart Cities Study: International study on the situation of ICT, innovation and Knowledge in cities” developed in 2012 by the Committee.

With the objective to continue with the work initiated with the development of the Study, from the Presidency of the Committee in collaboration with the City of Bordeaux, that holds the Vice-presidency of the Committee of Europe, we have considered timely to organize a working meeting with some of the European Cities that took part in the Study, as well as with other cities that are also working in the issues analyzed in the Study.

The meeting will be focused on issues related with the creation, attraction and retention of tales, the importance of boosting new emerging sectors of activity –specially the ones related to the new technologies, innovation and research-, the promotion and development of innovation at local level, the importance of creating and enable infrastructures and spaces for the business development and creativity in order to give support to the entrepreneurship, among others issues.

Our intention is to keep this as an operative meeting that will allow us to exchange opinions and visions around these issues, as well as to get to know better the main initiatives carried out by the cities, in order to be able to identify synergies and projects of collaboration.

The cities interested in taking part in the meeting can contact directly the Secretariat of the Committee. You can access the preliminary agenda in the following link: Meeting agenda