Monograph City, Social Inclusion and Education online

City, Social Inclusion and Education

"City, Social Inclusion and Education" is the 5th Monograph of the International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC). The monograph has been published in order to reflect on the transformations that our cities are going through, as well as the role of local governments in bolstering social inclusion.

The Monograph was presented at the 13th IAEC Congress which, under the title “The Educating City is an inclusive city”, was held in Barcelona from 13-15 November. The coordinator of the Monograph is Prof Xavier Bonal from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

The publication includes interviews of politicians and representatives of organizations, as Josep Roig, UCLG Secretary General, people working to promote social inclusion, as well as in-depth articles by internationally renowned experts inviting us to think about the contradictory pressures that coexist in our cities, providing a precise analysis of social fragmentation, as well as pointing to possible roadmaps to change. Experiences are also included from five Educating Cities illustrating from very different areas the work that local governments and civil society are undertaking to foster more inclusive cities.