SDGs Sessions in New York: UPDATE

Open Working Group UN

Following an interesting session of the Open Working Group in January, the 8th and last session of the Open Working Group - OWG#8- will take place on 3-7 February. 

The session will deal with 3 areas:  

1) “Oceans and seas, forests, biodiversity”; 

2) “Promoting equality, including social equity, gender equality and women’s empowerment” and 

3) “Conflict prevention, post-conflict peacebuilding and the promotion of durable peace, rule of law and governance”. 

A delegation of local and regional authority representatives will be actively participating in these meetings. Two representatives will address the morning hearings – dedicated to the dialogue between Co-chairs and member states and the Major Groups and stakeholders: an ICLEI representative will deliver a messages on biodiversity and the CLGF representative will deliver the messages of the Global Taskforce regarding the “rule of law and governance” (available soon). 

Further opportunities to speak should be available over the OWG meetings, during which the on-site delegation will put forward our messages, in particular regarding gender equality and women’s empowerment. 

The delegation will update on development from New York through: and @GTF2016


Open Working Group UN