PLATFORMA Steering Committee

3-4 November 2016, Rome, Italy


The next meeting of the PLATFORMA Steering Committee will be held on 3–4 November 2016 in Rome, Italy, at the kind invitation of the AICCRE. The agenda of the firstmeeting under the rules of PLATFORMA Project 5 (SGA) will address issues of crucial importance for the future including:

  • Drafting of PLATFORMA’s rules of procedure: The current ruleset governing the Steering committee, Political council, spokespersons, thematic groups and membership were valid for the duration of Project 4 (ended 1 July 2016). We therefore need to adopt future rules. As a first step, we are happy to invite you to nominate your representative to the Political council by filling-in the enclosed form and sending it back to the secretariat by 15 October 2016. Furthermore, notwithstanding the outcome of our discussions on the future rules, members of the Political council might be invited to represent PLATFORMA as spokespersons, therefore we invite you to indicate in the same form whether your elected representative could also be a future PLATFORMA spokesperson. Please note that spokespersons would be expected to attend PLATFORMA’s meetings and to be willing to represent our network at political events and meetings. The secretariat will send to you a draft proposal for the future functioning rules of PLATFORMA by the end of September, in order for the Steering committee to be in a position to adopt the new rules at our November meeting.
  • Reflection process on the future of PLATFORMA: The process was launched with the selection of an external consultant specialised in change management, and with an internal kick-off meeting within the secretariat. Members, past and present, are currently being consulted via a form to fill in. The November Steering committee meeting will allow the consultant to brief you on the broad conclusions to be drawn from your replies to the questionnaire and will enable us to agree on the next steps.
  • Other topical issues: CONNECT (delivery mechanism) and the PLATFORMA Awards of decentralised cooperation.

Should you have any questions regarding the November meeting, do not hesitate to contact Olivier Baumard ([email protected] )