OGP Global Summit | Open Government as a Strategy to Achieve the SDGs at Local Level

OGP Global Summit
19 July 2018. Tbilisi (Georgia)

Open Government provides a favorable framework to advance in the achievement of the 2030 Agenda, since it implies a new form of governance that favors transparency and access to public information, promotes the traceability of political decisions, involves citizens in the cycle of public policies and encourages joint work between citizens and public administrations.

To advance in this ambitious agenda, an approach where dialogue and complementary actions between the public sector and civil society are constant, constructive and regular should be promoted. Bearing in mind that the local sphere is the closest to citizens, local and regional governments are natural spaces for the joint development of the Open Government Agenda as the driving force of the 2030 Agenda. The objective of the session is to create a dialogue between representatives of local and regional governments and civil society on open government as a driver to advance on the achievement of the SDGs at local level. The experiences of Africa, America, Scotland and Spain will be presented and will be followed by an empty chair space for the audience to come up and participate in the debate.


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