Congress - Open minded governance for your future

Open minded governance for your future Congress, Etorkizuna Eraikiz.
18-19 February 2019. San Sebastián- Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Basque Country (Spain)

The Provincial Council of Guipuzcoa will hold an intense day with the opportunity to reflect with experts in different areas of good governance on the new models of governance that are being promoted by different administrations.

This meeting is key to learn about the experiences of the region of Guipuzcoa and also other cities and regions at the international level.

The topics on which the meeting will focus are: Open Government, Sustainable Development Goals, Collaborative Governance, Planning, Transparency and Accountability, and Citizen Participation among other. 

The day after the congress, on 19 February, the Forum of Regions of UCLG will hold an open meeting of the Community of Practice.

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