Puerto Rico Experience 2019 / FLACMA International: International Conference of Local Governments

20-23 August 2019. San Juan (Puerto Rico )

This event is dedicated to municipalism thanks to efforts of the Global Advisor Group, through a strategic alliance with the Association and Federation of Mayors of Puerto Rico and FLACMA (Latin American Federation of Cities, Municipalities and Municipal Associations). Annually we attract mayors from all Latin America, United States and Puerto Rico in order to promote an educational and cultural platform for executives linked to municipalism. This year, based on the commemoration of the 500 years of municipalism. A unique opportunity for exchanging of experiences between electec mayors and non-elected officials of municipalism. Speakers of high level and international projection will lead a scenario of great educational value that will impact the daily management carried out by the officials who attend, in their Cities.

In previous editions of "Experiencia Puerto Rico", the thematic axes were: Decentralization (2016); Tourism and Economic Development (2017); Technology (2018); and, this year, 2019 the topics will revolve around Gender Equity and Best Practices in Local Governments. DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE Dear- Mayors, Managers, City Administrators, Councilors, Governors & Members of the Assembly This year we returned to San Juan and Guaynabo. The latter is a city adjacent to San Juan from where you can appreciate the old city from its beautiful bay and move from the Capital in just 8 minutes through boats that will be available for our guests. In the same way, the city of Guaynabo and its mayor, Angel Pérez, will host all the international guests, a place that will host a great cultural exchange. On the other hand, the city of Carolina, also adjacent to San Juan and where the International Airport is located, will be our host through the Ana G. Méndez University, where the Thematic Commissions, the CAMCAYCA Bureau and the Consultative Council will be meeting. San Juan will host the Three beautiful and vibrant cities in a single Puerto Rico Experience.

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