The Durban Political Declaration

Our municipalist patrimony for the next decade

“The transformation that will need to be brought about in our development model will only be possible if it responds to the dreams and expectations of citizens and communities and if collective responsibility is taken to adjust and make compromises on a fair, equal and sustainable basis” (preamble to the Durban Political Declaration).

The Durban Political Declaration, adopted by the local and regional delegates gathered within the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders in Durban, builds on the work of our constituency, and is based on their strong vision for the future of the international municipal movement, particularly for the next decade.

It encompasses the principles of our movement, through four axes; the shape of the municipal movement in the next decade; the need for local ownership of the global agenda; the themes that we are working on that will be critical for the future of humanity; and the commitments of our movement to fulfill the ambitious global goals.

The Durban Political Declaration represents the municipalist patrimony of our movement: the values, the experiences, and the collaborations that we have carried out for over a century are key to aid our communities in achieving the transformation towards sustainable, fair, and inclusive societies that can find a hopeful future society and the planet.