The time has come for culture to have a real place at the table of decision-making on the Future of Humanity

The session entitled “Upgrading Culture in Sustainable Development: The Time is Now” took place on 20 April.

La cultura como respuesta a los retos urbanos globales

La ciudad de Roma ha impulsado un amplio debate sobre la participación en la vida cultural de las ciudades, con la presentación de la Carta de Roma 2020, un documento sin precedentes promovido por Roma Capitale y la Comisión de Cultura de Ciudades y Gobiernos Locales Unidos (CGLU) y que, durante


Roundtable of Mayors and Ministers: Looking for multilateral solutions for the future of our planet at WUF 10

Set around two moments, participants addressed the state of governance in their countries, and how to take steps to ensure better understanding and the transformation of the multilevel system.

Culture, an essential part of UCLG's policy

The Policy Council on the Right to the City, Opportunities for All and Safer and Resilient Cities hosted political debates with the objective of feeding the political discussions of the organization with specific themes that allow us to show and broaden the work that cities are c


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