Who we are

The World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments would like to welcome you to the largest organization of local and regional governments in the world. You, we, stand on the shoulders of countless women and men who have worked tirelessly to empower each other for over a century, to lift up their communities and to collaborate with one another in order to achieve real change.

The Bogotá commitment and action agendaUCLG, as a global network of cities and local, regional, and metropolitan governments and their associations, is committed to representing, defending, and amplifying the voices of local and regional governments to leave no-one and no place behind. Together we are the sentinels of the hopes, dreams, and aspirations held by individuals in communities around the world -- searching for a life in which the ideals of the SDGs are a lived reality.

Through collaboration, dialogue, cooperation, and knowledge-sharing, we as a World Organization walk the walk, working to advance global response and action through ground breaking commitments and agreements that become common threads that transcend borders and tie communities together, to uplift and empower the local level.




How we amplify the voices of local governments:

| STRENGTHENING THE UCLG NETWORK | Enhancing political participation, creating new tools for synchronized action, renewing partnerships with different actors and ensuring shared ownership across the membership enhances our transparency, democratic participation, and accountability.

| POLICY AND ADVOCACY | We strive to amplify the voices of territories internationally. This includes making proposals concerning the role and perspective of local and regional governments on the definition of the next phase of the global development agendas, and increasing national and international support and recognition for the role of local and regional governments in the implementation process.

| IMPLEMENTATION | Our aim is to identify and foster efforts by our membership to achieve the global agendas at the territorial level.

| LEARNING | Through training, creating a learning culture throughout the organization and promoting decentralized cooperation as a key tool of international cooperation and development programmes.

| MONITORING AND REPORTING | Our aim is to ensure that local and regional experience influence the implementation and assessment of the global agendas, by contributing to local and regional governments’ storytelling, and informing the reporting done by national governments. 

UCLG is a convener of the whole global local and regional governments constituency through the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments, the mechanism through which the local and regional governments constituency deliberate and agree upon its political voice in the international agenda.