Transcontinental Co-creation

Co-Creating the Policy of our World Organization

The Assembly Track of the World Summit aimed at striking a balance between local and regional priorities, bridging the gap between local and regional challenges that are common to local and regional governments but are also region-specific. Based on position papers that contained the priorities of the UCLG Regional  Sections, the sittings of the Assembly produced policy recommendations for our Movement that will allow us to co-create our joint policy for the years to come.

Key themes of the continental position papers:

1.       Africa – The challenges of urbanization and the urban poor, access to finance for local and regional governments, capacitation of local and regional leaders, and multi-level governance. 

2.      Americas – Globalization and financialization are the two main elements of the paper. Specifically, the lack of access to finance for local governments, inequality, urban violence, migration -with a focus on how it affects the youth- and the challenge of reducing carbon emissions and maintaining the Amazon were highlighted as key characteristics to understand the situation in the region.

3.       EurAsian-Pacific – Resilient and sustainable cities and the localization of the Sendai framework, as well as promoting cultural heritage and ensuring effective local self-governance, are some of the main challenges identified in this paper.

4.        Europe - How to strengthen the involvement and the follow-up of local and regional governments in European and global policies, and will also focus on achieving international partnerships to implement and disseminate the SDGs worldwide.

5.       Metropolis -   Tackling the challenges of the upcoming metropolitan era, and the role large metropolises will play in the upcoming years: in particular, how to rethink city borders and jurisdictions for a better quality of life for all.

6.       Middle-East and West Asia – The consolidation of peace due to the various conflicts in the region, the migratory movements that originate due to this crisis, and the struggle of addressing the climate crisis in the region.