Manifestos for the Implementation Decade

All of the political inputs received at the Congress are to be of great influence to our joint work, being integrated into our work plan and building on our work on many key policy and advocacy issues.

The ten Special Sessions that took place within the World Summit debated the future of policies that are currently part of our work. Discussions and presentations geared towards developing a Manifesto with specific recommendations for the Network were co-created to guide the work of the World Organization in the upcoming Implementation Decade.

The manifestos will further influence the broader constituency of Local and Regional Governments, enabling us to consolidate our collective voice before the United Nations, towards the continental mechanisms and above all, increase the ownership of the members and the Sections to the policy definition of the World Organization.

The thematic manifestos are the following:

The Manifestos envision the future of the municipal movement, and were created with the aim of co-creating happiness for the communities that we represent. Our mandate is to build on them, and to provide local and regional governments with the tools to leave no one and no place behind.