ciudades resilientes

UCLG, Metropolis, and the Seoul Human Resources Development Center (SHRDC), with the collaboration of UCLG-ASPAC, join efforts to organize a “Resilient City” online training, building on the experience of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Resilience Learning Modules developed by UCLG toge

Module 4 on the move! Localizing the SDGs through Decentralized Cooperation with UCLG Secretariat and Platforma


UCLG Learning facilitates Resilience Workshop with African Territorial Managers and Trainers

The workshop was built around the first volume of the Resilience Learning Module, focusing on the potential integration of resilience principles int

Localizing resilient action key for the 2030 Agenda

Cities will therefore play a defining role in achieving many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and this is acknowledged in SDG11 for inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities.


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