Programme World Council 2014

The 2014 UCLG World Council will be held in Haikou at the kind invitation of Mayor Ni Qiang, in conjunction with the Guangzhou Award.
  • Committees and Working Groups meetings will be held on 23-24 November.
  • The Executive Bureau will be held on the afternoon of the 25th November.
  • The World Council will be celebrated in two sessions on 26th November.

Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation

The second edition of the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation will take place back-to-back with the UCLG World Council.
The Award Ceremony, co-hosted by UCLG, METROPOLIS and the city of Guangzhou, will take place in the city of Guangzhou on 27th-29th November within the framework of the Guangzhou International Urban Innovation Conference.

The link for registration to the Guangzhou Award Ceremony is now available. Please click here to access it.
All UCLG and Metropolis members can attend the event free of charge. Please bear in mind that in the registration form, you should indicate that you are participating as a member of UCLG/Metropolis in order to avoid payment.

Please click on the link below to access the overview of the meetings:

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