Committee on Urban Strategic Planning


  • Jorge Alberto Giorno, Deputy Secretary of Buenos Aires
  • Mxolisi Kaunda, Mayor of eThekwini-Durban

Technical Secretariat: Puvendra Akkiah (eThekwini) and Patricia Mancuello (Buenos Aires): [email protected]

Urban Development is the key responsibility of local governments and has to respond to trends and dynamics of high complexity. The fight against poverty, improving the quality of life, management of urban growth and administrative reforms are constant challenges for urban development. Within this context, the UCLG Committee on Strategic Urban Planning, co-chaired by Cllr. James Nxumalo, Mayor of Durban - eThekwini and Jose Fortunati, Mayor of Porto Alegre, aims at promoting worldwide experiences related to strategic planning and urban development.

The Urban Strategic Planning Committee  responds to the growing need of creating spaces for discussion and exchange. Furthermore, the Committee offers advice to improve the quality of local policies on urban strategic planning. Special emphasis is placed on South - South cooperation, in response to the need to share first hand experiences on pro-poor policies and informality. It also facilitates the visibility and worldwide appreciation of urban management experiences that have accomplished relevant transformations, with positive and significant impacts on the quality of life in cities.

International agenda:  for strengthening the effectiveness of strategic development. The long-term goal is to improve local governments’ planning knowledge and the relationship with international development partners. The Committee serves as a political forum which presents recommendations related to sustainable urban development. The Committee provides guidance for strengthening the global linkages between cities, existing networks and international institutions.