Transparency and Accountability

The development of local and regional instruments to improve transparency, good governance and citizen participation as mechanisms for the prevention and fight against corruption can be a fundamental strategy to foster open governance that allows sustainable development. These objectives cannot be achieved without taking into account the need to strengthen the capacities of local governments, including the development of participatory, innovative and sustainable tools that guarantee appropriation by citizens. In the same way, this type of policies and initiatives allows improving the levels of trust in public institutions and they represent an opportunity for citizens to have the tools and information necessary to play a more active role in society.

Purpose: to strengthen the CLGU network

The Community of Practice aims to contribute to the strengthening of the global network so that it can become a benchmark for the defense of open governance and public integrity. To do this, is fundamental to see for joint solutions, collaborations and public policy exchange, learning opportunities and a true commitment to social innovation. The growing need of local and regional governments around the world to connect with their citizens in a renewed way should encourage us to promote local and regional governments to be more efficient in the provision of public services, to increase citizen participation in public management, to prevent and fight corruption and to rebuild trust in the public sector at the local level.