City-to-city learning

Launch of the Peer Learning Note 24 on Local and Regional Disaster Risk Reduction

Local and Regional Governments are at the frontline of Disaster Risk Reduction but also the first in responding if a disaster occurs.

Knowledge, Dialogue and Action: the three pillars of the Mediterranean City to City Migration (MC2CM) project

The Mediterranean City to City Migration (MC2CM) project aims to improve migration governance at local level within a network of cities in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean, with a strong focus on integration and inclusion, as well as on migrants' access to basic services with respect

Cities and regions: key actors for the management of migration and territorial cohesion

UCLG is a partner of the project "Mediterranean City-to-City Migration Profiles and Dialogue", launched and led by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), and

South-South cooperation and city-to-city learning: key to the new development agenda for cities

With the goal of reinforcing collaborative efforts between cities, local government associations and cooperation networks, and to obtain useful lessons for members and partners of peer learning, in January 2013, UCLG launched the South-South cooperation

Local and Regional Governments bring our own agenda to Habitat III

In UCLG consultations in the run up to Habitat III, intermediary cities warn that national governments and international institutions underestimate their role in development at their own risk.


Bordeaux will host the meeting of the UCLG Committee on Digital and Knowledge-Based Cities

During the last committee meeting held on December the 5th in Dakar (Senegal) in which more that 30 committee members took part, it was officially presented the “Smart Cities Study: International study on the situation of ICT, innovation and Knowledge in cities” developed in 2012 by the C

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