WeThe15 adds UCLG to drive disability inclusion in local and regional governments worldwide

UCLG, a global network of 240,000 cities, local and regional governments, and municipal associations represents and amplifies the voices of local and regional governments to leave no-one and no place behind.

Launch of the Peer Learning Note 30 on Inclusive and Accessible Cities and Territories

Persons with disabilities and older persons make up 25% of the global population of which more than half live in cities and towns.

Harnessing Universal Accessibility for Just, Equitable, & Diverse Communities

As part of the commitment and recommendations from the Townhall process, adopted by the World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments in 2019, UCLG co organized and sponsored a high level dialogue for the 2nd consecutive year in the framework of the 14th COSP and in direc

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