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SDGs Sessions in New York: UPDATE

Following an interesting session of the Open Working Group in January, the 8th and last session of the Open Working Group - OWG#8- will take place on 3-7 February. 

The session will deal with 3 areas:  

1) “Oceans and seas, forests, biodiversity”; 

A stand-alone SDG makes Sense!

A stand-alone sustainable development goal would comply with paragraph 247 of the Rio Declaration, which underlines that goals should, “address and be focused on priority areas for the achievement of sustainable development”, and be, “gl

The Global Taskforce stands up for an inclusive and sustainable agenda at UN headquarters

The members of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Leaders gathered in New York on 13 December at the invitation of UN Habitat, the Group of Friends of sustainable cities and UCLG.

The UCLG Campaign for an Urban Goal in SDGs reaches more than 130 supports

UCLG has launched an Awareness Campaign for a Stand-Alone Urban Goal which aims at influencing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) process to acknowledge local and regional governments as a specific sphere of government and as key actors of

Local and regional governments make progress on collaboration with the European Union at the first Policy Forum on Development

The 29th of November saw the launch of the first Policy Forum on Development, organized by the European Commission.


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