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Making SDG5 happen! Local and regional governments are already taking action for gender equality #EDD18

The programme for this year’s edition of the EDDs included different spaces and sessions, at which our organizations were represented to discuss the role of local and regional governments in developing and implementing gender-based policies to achieve gender equality at all levels.

EU Partnership Forum reminds that any action happens at local level

Open letter to the Presidency of the European Commission

Can local government be lumped together with soft drinks producers? The obvious answer is "no". Yet, this is the rule applied in Brussels since the beginning of 2015 with the coming into force of the guidelines on the EU lobby register.

Check out CEMR infographic on "The European Commission and its impact on local government"

Did you know that 11 EU commissioners out of 28 are former mayors or local councillors? Did you know that each citizen contributes on average € 0,27 per day to the European cohesion funds? And did you know that the EU affects 60% of items on local council agendas?

Outcome of CEMR's Policy Committee meeting in Łódź

Local and regional elected representatives and heads of national associations of municipalities and regions from all over Europe gathered in Łódź (Poland), on 23-24 June 2014, at the occasion of the meeting of the Policy Committee - CEMR's main governing body.

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