UCLG Strategic Toolkit


 What is the Strategic Toolkit? 

The Strategic Toolkit is a guide to building an agenda collaboratively. It explains the background and aims of the UCLG Global Agenda and guides the reader in contributing his or her experiences and ideas to the process.
It explains how to gather the main ingredients for building a strong agenda and the importance of identifying the main narratives and counter-narratives that can be used to support or oppose it.

  Download a copy and see for yourself:

[English]  Digital version (issuu) pdf     [French]     [Spanish]

 What can I do with the Strategic Toolkit? 

Use the Toolkit to guide you in filling in the Frame-work, Narrative-work and Net-work templates below. You can fill in the templates to contribute to the Global Agenda from the perspective of your local government or area of interest (e.g. gender, culture or planning).

  • Frame-work: helps us to gather the main ingredients of our agenda.
     [English] word / .odt     [French] word / .odt    [Spanish] word / .odt
  • Narrative-work: help us to communicate and defend our agenda.
     [English] word / .odt     [French] word / .odt    [Spanish] word / .odt
  • Net-work: share your  practices and help us to update our knowledge.
    pdf / pptx / .odp

We encourage you to use the Strategic Toolkit, share your practices, tell us about your results, translate it into other languages and contribute to the next version. Send your results, ideas and comments to [email protected].


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