Bringing together UCLG global network

Retreat and Campus

From 9-13 of February, United Cities and Local Governments will come together for a Retreat and Campus in Barcelona, home of the organization’s World Secretariat. The Retreat and Campus will bring together representatives of UCLG Sections and Regions, UCLG committees, as well as international agencies, private sector partners and civil society organizations.

Several participatory sessions are planned for the week, in which UCLG members will share their priorities and contribute their knowledge and experience in new, interactive ways, building new strategies for local and regional governments in a networked world. The event is part of the ongoing process of the construction of the Global Agenda of Local and Regional Governments.

The Retreat and Campus marks the start of a new, participatory, working culture, designed to meet the evolving needs of the organization. Harnessing the power of our network will allow us to build on our collaboration and achievements over the past ten years and increase the visibility and impact of our work at all levels.

As Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul and UCLG President has said, “Our strength lies in our capacity to unite our voices and build on our respective experiences”. As the inheritor of the international municipal movement, the greatest assets of UCLG are its members and the connections between them. The Retreat and Campus is an opportunity to bring these local voices together to make sure that the network addresses their concerns and priorities in this rapidly changing world.

The conclusions of the sessions will be announced shortly, meanwhile stay tuned using the hashtag #UCLGMeets 

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