8th Asian Safe Community Conference

6-8 March 2017. Mashad, Iran

+ INFO: safe2017.mashhad.ir

Safe Community project initiated in Mashhad municipality in 2012 with the motto of “having an infrastructure based on partnership and cooperation between the parties which are in the charge of safety in Safe Community Forum”

The formation of specialized working groups, policy council of Safe Community in Mashhad, and its steering committee in Middle East led Mashhad municipality to hold Middle East conferences continuously and effectively in Global Safe Community Network in 2014. Further, Samen district project has set up to join Safe Communities.

By the presence of Mashhad’s board and attending specialized meetings in 22nd International Safe Communities Conference, held in Nan,Thailand; Mashhad municipality succeeded to obtain the permission to conduct the First Regional Safe Community Conference with the support of Global Safe Community Center. This event is synchronized with the selection of Mashhad as the capital of Islamic culture by ISSECO.

Moreover, 6 districts of Mashhad municipality have initiated Safe Community project. The joining process of these districts to Safe Communities is conducted simultaneously with the preparation for Safe Community Conference, Mashhad 2017.

Safe Mashhad Conference is considered as a great opportunity for cooperation and interaction with executive and scientific agencies at national level. Further, with the support of the international organizations, the member cities of Safe Communities, The World Health Organization (WHO), and UNISDR, we hope to take a step in the promotion of safety, the expansion of life expectancy, and providing the safe environment.