#CitiesAreListening: Local governments’ international joint response to a global crisis

#CitiesAreListening: Local governments’ international joint response to a global crisis
03 November 2020. Virtual

The Al-LAs Alliance, within the framework of its 11th Learning Workshop, seeks to capitalize on the importance of working in global networks, in order to be able to respond to crises and emergencies at a global level. To do this, the Alliance will host a focus group with representatives of city networks where they will analyze the role they played during the crisis and their role in recovering from it.

This session, which is part of UCLG's #CitiesAreListening experiences, aims at showing the value of local and regional government networks beyond the pandemic. The session takes up the UCLG Live Learning Experiences, and highlights the role that associations can play in the transformation of our cities and territories, raising the voice of our communities at the global table, and ensuring that they have a place in the decision-making processes that affect them.

The objectives of this session are:

- Identify the impact caused by COVID-19 in the city network ecosystem.
- Identify challenges and opportunities for the network ecosystem resulting from the health emergency.
- Generate a prospective view of the networks’ ecosystem in the post-pandemic scenario.

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