Foro de las Ciudades

Foro de las Ciudades
13-15 March 2019. Medellín (Colombia)

The Cities Forum is an opportunity to exchangue new approaches and discuss the future of sustainable and resilient cities.

There will be collaboration of more than 70 national and international organizations to design a multidisciplinary and transversal program that will have the presence of 65 Spanish, European and Latin American cities.

The meetings will serve to exchange good urban practices, place citizens at the centre of sustainable development, share knowledge about the future of cities, value the urban environment, learn by listening to experts in different areas of activity, among other issues. 

In recent years, the city of Medellín has demonstrated its firm commitment to moving towards healthier, more integrated and livable urban spaces through its different strategies and plans for clean mobility, innovation, sustainability, urban design, citizen participation, etc. For this reason, Medellín is the perfect setting for this new edition of the Ifema Cities Forum, under the name "Diálogos Medellín".

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