SDG Global Festival of Action

SDG Global Festival of Action
25-26 March 2021. Virtual

The SDG Global Festival of Action will provoke debate and drive action around four cross cutting themes with specific discussions – ideas, approaches and solutions – focused on #TurningItAround for poverty & inequality, gender, climate action and inclusive systems and finance.

UCLG will be holding two sessions:

On March 25 - This session will focus on different Local4Action HUBs experiences for them to share their transformation story, bring on board their key partners and provide evidence to signify the collective process of co-creation, to generate shared ownership and to foster the importance of local knowledge and experiences for global sustainability.

On March 26 we will hold the meeting " Reimagining our common future: the turning point starts locally" in which we will have the opportunity to share a groundbreaking conversation between the UNDP Administrator and mayors on the role cities and territories play in development: how the local level is the place that links us to the planet? Where change begins and where we as individuals can play an active role in changing the future, and much more?.



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