UCLG ASPAC Council Meeting "Building Sustainable and Resilient Asia-Pacific Cities

05-06 September 2019. Makati (Philippines )

TAKING the theme Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities, UCLG ASPAC, in collaboration with Makati City, will use the 2019 Council Meeting on 5 to 6 September 2019 as momentum to unite Asia Pacific cities once again in managing and reducing disaster risks in the region. This particular theme will be profoundly discussed with notable and distinguished speakers in disaster management fields from various cities and organisations. Through this forum, city leaders and representatives will be invited to also share their experience in facing challenges to provide insights and solutions.

With intense preparation and UCLG ASPAC’s leading role in Stakeholder Consultation for local authorities in the Asian Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction, particularly in achieving Target E of the Sendai Framework for DRR, the 2019 UCLG ASPAC Council Meeting will inject participants with insightful knowledge and fruitful discussions for more resilient cities in Asia Pacific.

Final preparation for the UCLG World Congress and Elections of Governing Bodies in Durban

Gearing towards UCLG World Congress in Durban, South Africa (11-15 November 2019), where city members from all over the world will elect members of the global-level governing bodies (Executive Bureau, Council and Co-Presidents), UCLG ASPAC Council meeting in Makati will aim to finalise the preparation for the Asia-Pacific section’s participation in these elections including decision on the cities that will represent the region.

Asia Pacific Position Paper at World Assembly – Sharing the Opinion to Determine the Focus

UCLG ASPAC will showcase its regional focus in the upcoming UCLG Congress in Durban. Use the opportunity in 2019 Council Meeting to take a closer look and share your opinion!

Special Session on Metropolitan Governance – Optimising Membership for Development 

Following the MoU signed between UCLG ASPAC and Metropolis sections early this year, there will be a special session for ASPAC members to discuss with the Metropolis Section on areas of mutual concerns and identify ways to strengthen collaboration between the two sections including capacity building and networking.

Manifesto Way Forward – Updates and Follow Up

Following up the First Retreat in 2018, cities are invited to enrich their inputs for further improvement. We also invite city leaders and distinguished representatives to have further discussions and seek solutions together on challenges faced.

Hosting Executive Bureau Meeting and 8th Congress 2020

UCLG ASPAC will also decide on cities that will host upcoming Executive Bureau Meeting and Congress 2020. This is the last opportunity for cities to promote themselves and magnify their strengths to host and jointly organise the largest cities congregations in Asia Pacific with us.

Support Expansion of Our Network – New Members Endorsement

Join us in welcoming new member cities and expanding our network. This is the opportunity for your city to also expand your network and identify and cultivate opportunities for collaboration.

Do not miss this opportunity and we are looking forward to meeting you in Makati!