Women Leadership and Development: special event in Paris

06 December 2015. Paris, France

 +INFO:  www.women.uclg.org / contact: [email protected]

Mayor of Paris and Chair of the Standing Committee on Gender Equality of UCLG, Anne Hidalgo, invites UCLG members, local elected women and partners to a special event on Women Leadership and Development on 6th December from 9:30 to 13:00 in Paris City Hall.

The event will be held in the framework of the UCLG World Council, the COP21, and the Climate Summit for Local Leaders, also being held in Paris in December.It will bring together elected officials, local government practitioners and associations as well as key partners in UCLG’s work on gender.
Local and regional governments have a long track record of working internationally for gender equality, with a particular focus on increasing the representation of local elected women and the promoting the participation of all women in local decision-making. The aim of the event is to discuss the role that gender equality at local level will play in the achievement of the major international development and sustainability agendas.
For more information on how to register for the event, contact us at [email protected]