Call for candidatures: 2015 UCLG Culture Summit

2015 UCLG Culture Summit
The UCLG members and Partners are invited to submit candidacies to host the “UCLG Culture Summit ”, to be celebrated between January and April 2015.
Since the founding Congress of Paris, culture has been at the heart of UCLG with the adoption of the Agenda 21 for culture (May 2004), the Policy Statement “Culture: Fourth Pillar of Sustainable Development” (November 2010), its key presence in the Global Taskforce on post-2015 (since March 2013) and the activities of our Committee on Culture.
The UCLG World Congress of Rabat in October 2013 confirmed the importance of culture as a key component of the sustainable development of cities, regions and local governments. The World Council thus agreed to renew the Agenda 21 for culture. It is felt by members and partners of UCLG that the new guiding document on culture and local sustainable development should (a) build on the success of Agenda 21 for culture, (b) update its recommendations, with a clearer orientation to the implementation of policies, and (c) aim at promoting intelligence and networking, with selection of good practices and promotion of exchanges, peer review and expertise.
The process to elaborate the new Agenda 21 for culture was initiated by the Committee on Culture in 2013 in Lille-Métropole, Buenos Aires and Rabat and will continue in 2014, with meetings, seminars, articles, questionnaires and visits to pilot cities. The process will conclude with a major event: a “Culture Summit of UCLG”.
The hosting of this Summit will provide remarkable international visibility. If you think your either Local and Regional Government or Local Governments Association is interested in this opportunity and meets the requirements, we very much look forward to receiving your candidacy.
UCLG invite you to submit your candidatures by 28th May 2014 in writing to the World Secretariat of UCLG at: [email protected], putting in copy[email protected]
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2015 UCLG Culture Summit