Call for Peace from the President of UCLG - Statements from members of UCLG

Call for Peace from the President of UCLG
The President  
Istanbul, 15 July 2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


As, is well known, local authorities are on the frontline when disasters or armed conflicts hit local people, and it is the responsibility of these authorities to meet the basic needs of people, ranging from provision of water and food to waste collection, from infrastructure to public transportation.
It is depressing that in the escalating armed conflicts, many innocent civilians are killed in the Middle East and local authorities are attacked, which prevent them from meeting the basic needs of people.
In my capacity as the President of the United Cities and Loeal Governments, the single and united voice of all local authorities in the world, I call on the parties to all armed conflicts, wherever on the Earth, to stop attacks on the civilians, the staff and premises of Local Authorities, which are the main actors of humanitarian aids, espeeially during periods of conflicts.
I also invite the local authorities all around the world to be in solidarity with the local authorities in the regions which have been hit by the armed conflicts.
Dr. Kadir Topbaş
President of UCLG
Mayor of Istanbul
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