Centenary of the international municipal movement

1971 Congress of International Union of Local Authorities

100 years ago one of the Founding Organizations of UCLG, International Union of Local Authorities, held its first Congress in Gent Belgium. This Union became the ‘nerve centre’ for city international relations and marked the beginning of the international municipal movement.



In the framework of the preparation for this Centenary that UCLG will celebrate in Rabat during the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, UCLG is calling upon the experience and memory of all its members, partners and associates.

UCLG's goal is to gather the major events of the last one hundred years of decentralised cooperation and united municipal action and present them in a chronological exposition.


To pay tribute to the achievements of the last 100 years of the municipal movement, UCLG requires before the 20th June, archives and/or testimonies that may contribute to this common project. This may include:

  • Photos dating from 1913-2001 from meetings held by the founding organisations of UCLG: International Union of Local Authorities / United Towns Organisation
  • Photos, minutes or brochures from early cooperation projects conducted directly between municipalities
  • Particular memories or testimonies of important events or meeting that have been important to local governments on global level
  • For the sections or sister organisations, details of the creation and evolution of your organisation and photos/minutes from key events
  • Other documents or photos that you may consider relevant for the purpose of this exhibition
Please do not send original documents or photos, if UCLG requires originals, will ask for them directly.
Questions, inquiries and proposals are all welcome. Do not hesitate to contact the World Secretariat, in particular Craig Laird ([email protected]).