The Committee on Peripheral Cities launches a global research study on metropolitan regions

Committee on Peripheral Cities

The network of the Forum of the Peripheral Local Authorities (FALP) held its 3rd congress on June 11th, 12th and 13th, 2013 in Canoas (metropolitan region of Porto Alegre - Brazil).

More than 2200 participants representing more than 200 local authorities of 30 countries from the 5 continents met themselves on the theme "Rights and Democracy for interdependent metropolises ".

In front of challenges for the right to the metropolis, the right for the centrality and for the inclusion, the exchanges of experiences and the confrontation of local practices were in the heart of the debates during these 3 days and have permitted to realize a common politic declaration (see below).

In a context of economic, social and political crisis, the conditions of fast urbanization reveal important challenges for the whole metropolitan territory. The dialogue peripheral cities / center cities have been organized around the place of each as a full protagonist of the metropolitan future.

These exchanges fed all the reflection of the committee “Peripheral Cities” of UCLG and a “World Report on the metropolitan regions with the look of the peripheries” was launched on the occasion of the 3rd congress of the FALP. This Report carried by the FALP network and the committee will be as well a contribution for the work on the MDG’s Post 2015 committed by UCLG.

This 3rd Congress was closed by the ex President Lula who reminded all the importance and the legitimacy of the peripheral local authorities in the construction of interdependent, democratic, sustanaible and inclusive metropolises.

To define the work plan and the organization, a meeting of “Peripheral Cities” committee will be held in Rabat during the Congress.

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