COMMUNIQUE - UCLG calls for solidarity, calm, information and a commitment to face COVID-19

COMMUNIQUE - UCLG calls for solidarity,  calm, information and  a commitment to face  COVID-19

In view of the far-reaching measures taken in response to the COVID-19 in many cities around the world, the UCLG Presidency wishes to send a message of solidarity but also to call on its members to contribute to the fight against the virus. Once again, we are facing a challenge that knows no borders and although some of the measures to be taken do have to do with them, we at UCLG are convinced that the solutions have to be integrated and cross-border with full participation of all spheres of government.

The local and regional governments can be the great allies of the Ministries of Health that together with the scientists are the reference for the proper measures and solutions. Our role is crucial in raising public awareness and in the emergency agencies in order to maintain an orderly functioning of services, as well as to protect the public officials who facilitate them.

We call on our members, and all actors involved to make special efforts to support the most vulnerable and avoid discrimination or exclusion. We, local and regional governments, will continue to work tirelessly to avoid this health challenge from turning into a broader social crisis. We convey our solidarity to those affected and our support to the authorities and scientists around the world who are working tirelessly to contain and combat the virus effectively.

UCLG will contact the WHO to explore ways to support them and put ourselves at their service. We are confident that via good coordination, solidarity and the follow-up of the specialists' indications we will overcome this challenge. The UCLG team remains available and as active as ever through all alternative communication channels and will continue to implement our work programme in the coming weeks.