Daejeon will host the next UCLG World Congress in 2022

Daejeon will host the next UCLG World Congress in 2022

The UCLG World Summit will take place, for the second time, in the Korean Peninsula. The City of Daejeon has been chosen as the ideal location for our 7th World Congress, set to take place in 2022.

Our World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders has evolved from a gathering of mayors, councillors, and partners to a complete policymaking experience that provides an opportunity for the full constituency, partners and members of the civil society to be a part of the future of the municipal movement.

The 2019 Congress took a step forward towards developing policies among all stakeholders, and we expect our 2022 Summit to count on more innovation, interaction, inclusion and inputs from our members than ever before. 2022 will culminate not only in our renewed vision and strategy, but will also build on the co-creation tracks and documents that made our World Summit in Durban such a unique experience, and allow our World Organization to consolidate a new strategy.

Harnessing science and innovation to make cities more liveable will be key elements of the Summit. Daejeon is the largest technological hubs in Korea and one of the largest in the ASPAC region, boasting over half a century of focusing on economic development and science. Daejeon is currently developing innovative projects such as the “119 Emergency Rescue Services”, and the “Smart City Integration Center”. The concept of “sustainable smart cities” will be one of the guiding lights of the 2022 Summit, hoping to showcase innovative solutions to the challenges faced by local and regional governments all over the world.

Consolidating peace will also be one of the key themes of the Summit. The leadership of Daejeon emphasized the importance of Peacebuilding for the City, as well as for the Korean Peninsula, and argued that the Summit will be an important moment to showcase the potential of local and regional governments as peacebuilders.

“The wind of reconciliation is blowing on Korean peninsula. The 2022 UCLG World Congress will represent a powerful moment peace and a window for dialogue on the Korean peninsula”.  Heo Tae-Jeon, Mayor of Daejeon

Back-to-back with the Congress, Daejeon will also host the Global Innovative Forum (GIF), the general meeting of the Governors Association of Korea (GAOK) and a UNESCO-WTA International Training Workshop, which will foster synergies among the local and regional governments’ constituency and our partners.

“Presidents, Copresidents, Mayors, Secretary General… all of the delegates here today. Have my assurance that I’ll do my best for Daejeon to be a successful event for 2022. See you again there!” Heo Tae-Jeon, Mayor of Daejeon

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