Decentralized Cooperation in the South: an effective tool to promote development

Technical cooperation between cities and their associations

UCLG, in partnership with academia, NGOs, development agencies and donors, are encouraging technical cooperation between cities and their associations in order to gain insights into ways to further support the professionalization of decentralized cooperation, particularly between cities in the South.

Specific focus and attention was given in  2013 to the active technical cooperation between six cities of Brazil and eight cities in Mozambique through a project funded by the European Union, the Government of Norway, Cities Alliance and the Barcelona Cooperation Agency.

The dynamic exchanges and highlights of this process can be followed though the project blog and newsletters that have been developed throughout the project implementation. Find the latest version of the project newsletter in this link.

Participate in the UCLG networking event at the World Urban Forum in Medellin"Fostering partnerships for professionalizing decentralized cooperation in urban planning and management: experiences in Latin America and Africa focusing on Mozambique and Brazil", Wednesday, 9 April 2014.

UCLG, in partnership with Architects Without Borders, ANAMM and FNP will be co-organising a networking event in the framework of the next UN Habitat World Urban Forum. The event is framed in the South-South and city-to-city cooperation project focused on technical exchange between cities. It is previewed in two blocks: firstly an introduction to the context and the project and then a discussion on the three tools centring the exchange between cities: participatory budgeting, inclusive cadastre and land management and strategic plans. The objective is to share lessons learned on the process of the cooperation, emphasize successes and challenges to overcome and discuss the tools in the context of Mozambique and Brazil. 

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Technical cooperation between cities and their associations