Do not miss the innovative Learning Session at the World Forum on Local Economic Development

On 18 October, as part of the 4th World Forum on Local Economic Development in Praia, Cape Verde, UCLG will be holding a Learning Session on waste management and the circular economy. This learning session, which will take place in room H of the National Stadium of Cape Verde is intended to provide an opportunity to find new solutions and take pragmatic and consolidated decisions jointly on topics such as integrated management and circular economies.

The main objective is to facilitate dialogue through a game with possible scenarios to understand the circular economy and the variables which influence decision-making on waste management. Each player’s role helps to develop an understanding of the ways in which different actors behave in order to seek agreements in multi-disciplinary teams and overcome the challenge.

This group dynamic is a contribution to the localization of the SDGs, in particular Goal 12: responsible consumption and production. Another chance to listen to real experiences and share lessons learned among the participants and equip local and regional governments with the skills and experience needed to localize the SDGs.

[Read the Flyer of the session]

Don’t miss the other sessions on the programme!

UCLG is also coordinating the sessions on the Topic LED as a foundation for sustainable and inclusive economies, which, in addition to the learning session, also include:

  • a policy dialogue: Sustainable urbanization and local economic development: challenges and opportunities for local and regional governments
  • followed by a plenary session: Building sustainable cities for locally-rooted investment, decent jobs, services and inclusive growth

and 4 panel sessions addressing sub-topics, such as:

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