“Emergency Governance for Cities and Regions” – Monitoring the impact of COVID 19 and its aftermath

Aware of the challenges posed by the current health crisis for local and regional governments around the world, UCLG, Metropolis and the London School of Economics Cities are joining forces in the new “Emergency Governance Initiative for Cities and Regions”.

The current COVID-19 crisis has shown that the governance capacities of the various levels of government are not yet sufficient to provide adequate responses to complex global emergencies. The pandemic has underlined the need for reforms and changes in urban and regional governance approaches for a prompt adaptation to the challenges of the 21st century.

The Initiative will examine the evolution of urban and regional governance in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak, focusing on how local and regional governments are leading the transition in and out of emergency modes. The Initiative aims to become a useful tool for local leadership on the way to elaborate responses to the demands posed by the global situation.

This will be achieved through different periodic publications: the Analytics Notes and the Policy Briefs. The first Analytical Note was published on Friday, June 5, and compiles and analyzes a list of 60 monitors developed by dozens of organizations around the world. Although it would be impossible to cover all monitors related to the COVID-19 crisis in such a short period of time, their selection follows a consistent and pragmatic approach. Thus, the Analytics Note #01 focuses on international monitors that include a high component of subnational governance and are considered relevant for local and regional leadership.

The initiative also aims to create a space for exchange and collaboration where the different networks of local and regional governments as well as their members will be able to share experiences and innovative resources. This is essential at a time when governments at all levels are called to play a fundamental role.


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