Get ready for the launch of the GOLD VI Report: “Pathways to urban and territorial equality”

Get ready for the launch of the GOLD VI Report, “Pathways to urban and territorial equality”, at the UCLG World Congress – and learn about how eliminating all forms of social and territorial inequalities is essential for UCLG’s Pact for the Future.

Three years ago, the organized municipal movement made it clear that for local and regional governments (LRGs), allowing inequalities to continue growing was simply not acceptable. On the basis of this mandate, UCLG, in partnership with the Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality (KNOW) research consortium – led by the University College London and the International Institute for Environment and Development –, has analyzed how inequalities affect our cities and territories. And most importantly: what it is that local and regional governments, in alliance with local communities, are doing and can do about it.

Consequently, the GOLD VI Report will be launched on October 12th at the UCLG World Congress, in the session where the UCLG Pact for the Future will focus on equality and care as the central elements of a renewed social pact for protecting people, their livelihoods and aspirations – while a special session will also be dedicated to the Report on October 14th. GOLD VI’s contribution to the Pact for the Future are six pathways that LRGs can advance together with their local communities: Commoning, Caring, Connecting, Renaturing, Prospering and Democratizing, through which to co-construct more egalitarian and sustainable cities and territories.

GOLD VI is more than a report: it is the testament of the municipalist movement’s vision and values and a commitment to the present and the future. And importantly, it is the culmination of a collaborative process that has brought together over a hundred representatives from LRGs, academia and civil society networks. As a result, together with the launch of the Report, all 66 case-based contributions and 22 Working Papers produced as part of the GOLD VI process will also be made available in a new GOLD VI dedicated website, a space where to take the engagement further. Join the conversation, join the movement and get ready for the GOLD VI launch!