If UCLG didn't exist we would need to invent it!

UCLG members and Secretariats from different parts of the network have come together in Barcelona to develop new means of collaboration and enhance the impact of actions to benefit its members.

The first part of the retreat  focused on the definition of coordinated actions that will achieve the goals work plan adopted by the organization's governing bodies.Special attention has been paid to ensuring that thematic policy development and hands-on experiences of members reach the political leadership and contribute to advocacy work that aims to put local governance at the center of development.

Secretariats of the different parts of the network have identified the need to develop evidence and practice that demonstrate the unique capacity of the network of local and regional governments to foster wellbeing.

Strengthening our global network

The Strategic Partnership with the European Union and mechanisms put in place by members will allow UCLG to set up a new collaborative platform that will increase the direct participation of members in the development of UCLG publications, policies and strategies.

Special attention was paid to creating the bases for the development of UCLG as a learning network, and to integrating learning systems in all the areas of work of the organization.

An integrated work programme is the concrete outcomes of the deliverations which will be implemented jointly in the course of the year.