Join the UCLG-Philips Webinar: Sustainable City Lighting

UCLG-Philips webinar on energy efficiency
Attend this webinar and learn how local governments can save cost and reduce emissions 

Live on Sep 28 at 4:30 PM CET / 10:30 AM EDT

With the Paris Agreement at COP21 world leaders agreed to collectively address climate change, aiming to move our planet towards a more sustainable future.

Already about 54% of global population lives in cities, and the ‘powering’ all required activities and services in cities corresponds to close to 75% of global carbon emissions. In fact public lighting alone accounts on average for half of a cities’ energy bill. Making the switch to connected LED-lighting can cut those costs by sometimes up to 80%. And perhaps even more importantly such a transition contributes to improving urban safety and quality of life.

In this webinar you will discover how local governments can become epicenters of sustainable change by accelerating the renovation of existing infrastructure and leapfrogging to new energy-efficient technologies that are ready, reliable and available for immediate deployment.

Join this webinar presented by Harry Verhaar, and see how the three major benefits for urban centers – budget savings, lower emissions and social improvement – are well within reach!

All UCLG members and partners are welcome to attend. Please register here