Join the UCLG World Forum of Intermediary Cities

UCLG World Forum of Intermediary Cities

Following the preparatory meetings held last July, the Second World Forum of Intermediary Cities, “Life Systems for a Resilient Future”, is taking place on 5-8 of October, in Kütahya, Turkey.

Intermediary cities hold unique opportunities and solutions to address global challenges and are fundamental for accelerating efforts around international agreements, especially the localization of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is in this framework that the work of the Forum is very much at the heart of the policies promoted by the World Organization.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the urgency to pursue the ecological transformation of intermediary cities, in line with the trends identified during the 1st World Forum and laid out in the Chefchaouen Declaration. As catalysts of territorial development, it is fundamental to address the increasing pressure over intermediary cities and ensure we stand prepared to lead the way to an inclusive and resilient recovery. 

On the basis of the consultations carried out this year, we will jointly define an outcome Declaration, drawing the lines of the post-COVID world and sending a strong message to the global arena that the inclusive, caring and resilient world of the future requires a territorial approach through intermediary Cities. The cultural diversity and the fight against inequalities of Intermediary Cities can pave the way to a new set of essentials, which places care for the people and the planet at the center of our priorities.

Given the still challenging health situation, the Forum will be held both in a virtual and hybrid format, as follows:

○      Fully virtual sessions on 5 & 6 October;

○      The plenaries and closing ceremony on 8 October will be hybrid, allowing both online and in-person attendance in Kütahya.

You will find the presentation note, the programme and concept notes here.

More information about the itinerary here.

Local4Action Hub Open Space

In order to revive and deepen the traditional networking space we were used to during in-person conferences and events, join us in virtual informal discussions in the ‘Wonder’ platform. We are opening a virtual space to introduce, present, debate and dialogue on local experiences on/by/from intermediary cities. Local and regional governments, their associations and partner organizations are invited to express their interest to convene a 45-minute thematic conversation. You can find more information, as well as the submission form, open until 28 September, here. For inquiries or additional information please contact: [email protected]. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Please find below the links to register to the different sessions:

○      Register to the High-level Dialogue on 5 October.

○      Register for the special session on 5 October on 'Climate Justice: Enabling Intermediary Cities to join the Race to Resilience & Race to Zero'.

○      Register to all sessions on 6 October via this link.

○      Register to all sessions on 8 October via this link.


Should you plan on attending in person, please let us know in advance as hosts can provide logistical information and support. We kindly ask that you complete this form

  • Find here the presentation note in Arabic and Turkish and the programme in Turkish.
  • More information about the itinerary here.