Migration & Displacement in Contexts of Crisis: What are LRGs doing to save and protect lives?

Join our peer learning event on Local and Regional Government (LRG) actions towards Migration and Displacement in contexts of crisis from the 11-13 April, organized by UCLG as part of  the Mayors Mechanism (MM), co-steered with the Mayors Migration Council (MMC) and the International Organization on Migration (IOM)

Amidst alarming rises in figures of disappearances and deaths of people on the move, spurred by the COVID pandemic, armed conflicts, worsening climatic conditions and the exhaustion of resources in many parts of the world, LRG remain the closest sphere of government to address the needs of all communities in all circumstances.

Through dialogue and knowledge transfer among peers, this learning event seeks to expand the tools available at the local level to address migration and displacement emergencies effectively and sustainably. By addressing the realities, initiatives and challenges of local and regional governments to preserve the life and dignity of all people unconditionally, focus on territories that endure and respond to the impacts of humanitarian emergencies with a view to leverage bottom-up responses and community-led approaches to uphold human rights in all circumstances. 

This dialogue emerges as a contribution by the Mayors Mechanism to the UCLG Municipal Peace Talks and its outputs will feed into the messages that our constituency will bring to the International Migration Review Forum from May 16-20. 

This Peer Learning event will gather MM members, international partners and other local actors to discuss and identify the realities, initiatives and challenges of local and regional governments to preserve the life and dignity of all people unconditionally, with a focus on territories enduring  humanitarian emergencies with a view to leverage bottom-up responses and community led approaches to uphold human rights in all circumstances. 

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