New opportunities to showcase and synchronize local sustainability initiatives through our Local4Action HUBs initiative!

New opportunities to showcase and synchronize local sustainability initiatives through our Local4Action HUBs initiative!

The Local4Action HUBs are an initiative by UCLG aimed at anchoring its international strategy on localizing the Sustainable Development Goals, in members’ practices and initiatives.

During its first year, with several experiences from different regions of the world, the Local4Action HUBs has incorporated 10 initiatives as a platform for showcasing, recognizing and scaling-up local policies and processes; fostering synchronization between activities and parts of the network while accelerating the constituency’s impact over the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.
As an international platform, the Local4Action HUBs represent a strategic opportunity for members, local and regional governments and their associations, to demonstrate how their innovative practices and approaches are not only making a key contribution to this implementation programme, but are also proposing new commitments, relevant innovations and emerging approaches in relation to a wider set of thematic areas and priorities. Finally, the Local4Action HUBs initiative represents a unique scenario to bring local approaches to sustainability to the forefront of the international conversation.

Currently the initiative is working on different scenarios to foster members’ participation: 

  • 2nd Call for Local4Action HUBs

After a first year of work, the Local4Action HUBs initiative by UCLG is looking for new experiences to be shared and brought at Global level. You can join the global platform by generating your own initiative on Local4Action HUBs by submitting a proposal through the Form in any of the three working languages of UCLG (English, French or Spanish), before 30 July at the latest.

  • Call for Proposals - Focused on Least Developed Countries Membership 

Through the Local4Action HUBs initiative, UCLG wants to visualize existing initiatives, provide them with an international profile and when necessary to facilitate seed financial support or international expertise. The objective is to seek enhanced participation of UCLG membership from Least Developed Countries (LDC), as defined by the United Nations (UN). This separate call is responding to the organization’s policy, and envisages supporting local and regional governments’ work in the global agendas, while fostering dialogue among stakeholders through the Local4Action HUBs in order to complement, enhance and empower the solutions and partnerships promoted by local governments.

Please check the specific call for LDCs and the form to submit proposals.

  • Local4Action HUBs launch campaign for pioneers

After the definition, design and operationalization of the pioneer Local4Action HUBs from the first call in 2020, we are now celebrating their official launch!  The inauguration events are taking place from June to October 2021 and will bring together key stakeholders engaged in the initiatives, as well as other local and regional governments and interested actors in contributing and joining the initiative's ecosystem.

Join us to transform Global Policies from the Local Experiences !

More information: 

Check our Local4Action HUBs Platform to know more about opportunities to join and follow this global initiative!

If you have any questions contact our team at  [email protected]